Digital Citizenship

Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD uses common sense education and real-world examples to educate students on digital literacy. We are committed to building digital citizen skills for every student in order to prepare them for the world. 


What is Digital Citizenship? 

Just like it is unsafe to drive a car without drivers ed it is also unsafe to let students on the internet without any training. That is where digital citizenship comes in. In a world that is rapidly being transformed by technology, teaching and learning with devices has become part of the modern day classroom. Many lessons are being taught with devices, and it is important to teach students safety and responsibility online. Not only does digital citizenship encompass safety and responsibility, but also includes balance of online and offline activities, online identity, relationships and communication, cyberbullying and hate speech, and communication. Together these lessons help students to become healthy digital citizens and build positive online communities. 

Inspiring and Empowering for Excellence