Child Nutrition

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Child Nutrition Department
Phone: 432-447-7566 Fax: 432-447-7209
We Moved! Child Nutrition is now located at 100 W. F Street!

The Child Nutrition Department provides quality child nutrition to students of the district.
The food service office is open from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Child Nutrition Team

Joy Peters
Child Nutrition Director
[email protected]
432-447-7566 ext. 6090

Tony Hinojoz
District Chef
[email protected]

Jeannette Mata
[email protected]
432-447-7566 ext. 6091


Campus Cafeteria Managers

Maria Matta
Cafeteria Manager - Kindergarten
[email protected]
(432) 447-7622

Julie Licon
Cafeteria Manager - Austin
[email protected]
(432) 447-7593

Sulema Flores
Cafeteria Manager - Bessie Haynes
[email protected]
(432) 447-7536

Rosa Navarette
Cafeteria Manager - Crockett
[email protected]
(432) 447-7494

Bernadine Muela
Cafeteria Manager - High School
[email protected]
(432) 447-7458

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